Artist of the Week

I'm starting a new weekly posting called "Artist of the Week" 


  • Five images from that artist
  • Five reasons why I love their art
  • Some will be people I know on-line, others will be local artists or photographers. 

    Sharon Cummings is the artist I am featuring this week.  

    An artist with an irresistible urge to create!

    'Colouring the world with abstract art and photography'

    1. Sharon uses bold colours with great colour transitions from one area to the next. 

    Photography Prints

    2. Her subject matter is generally cheerful and upbeat, just like her. 

    Photography Prints

    3. Her kid's art is so pure and innocent.  

    Photography Prints

    4. She has great design and composition skills. 

    Art Prints

    5. She's very generous in sharing her expertise in on line marketing. Her digital art is very creative and shows her spirit. 

    Art Prints

    To find out more about Sharon Cummings and her art  click here to visit her blog.