My First

Leafin an Imprint

This serene yet bold and colourful painting was the first painting as well as print that I sold as an artist.  

It is full of texture, depth and negative painting. I had just gone for a fall walk and collected some interestingly shaped leaves. I ironed them before using them as stamps to form the bones of my composition. I needed something to hold the leaf design together so I painted on branches. Depth was created by optically pushing some of the leaves back. They become darker or more subdued.  

To create interest I applied paint with burlap and even applied some to the surface as well. The red orange colour helped to guide your eye through the composition. 

There are a lot of interesting shapes, colours and textures to please your eyes as you wander through my fall creation. Take a minute or two to discover and enjoy  all the textures I have  added to  Leafin an Imprint 

Leafin an Imprint by J. Gazo-McKim©2010

Leafin an Imprint by J. Gazo-McKim©2010