Martello Alley

I  have just started exhibiting my art work in a new local gallery called Martello Alley in Kingston ON. 

The owner and artist David Dossett has a great vision for a gallery space that has an inviting, warm, friendly and non intimidating feel.

Since the inside of the gallery is still under construction most of the art is displayed in the covered alley. 

Here are some shots of the alley and work that I took in this morning for sale. I have wanted to get involved in the local art scene for some time and meet the people who purchase my art. I volunteer there for a block of time each week.

If you live in the Kingston area come on down to Martello Alley and enjoy and support the work of local artists.


Location of Martello Alley

My fine art prints and pen and ink drawings at Martello Alley

My fine art prints and pen and ink drawings at Martello Alley

The entranceway to the alley in the evening.

The entranceway to the alley in the evening.

Jardin' Art .....a continuation of an acrylic garden

I finally got my image for  Jardin Art - Art in the Garden  ready for the outdoor artists' event in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The idea behind this event is for local artists to partner up with local businesses to display art in an outdoor setting and make it more accessible to the community. 

In the photo below is my entry  A View for Two. This is a special place for me. Over the last nine years we have made several trips each year to visit my son and his family in Banff, Alberta. I know, if you are familiar with the area, it is a great place to go to stay and visit family. 

I have fallen in love with the Rocky Mountains and this piece of work portrays my love and joy of being in that space.

A View for Two by J. Gazo-McKim ©2015  

A View for Two by J. Gazo-McKim ©2015


I would like to thank Hochelaga Inn for choosing my piece to greet visitors as they approach this historic bed and breakfast, just a short walk to the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Here is a photo of A View for Two in front of the Hochelaga Inn at night. 

A New Project: An Acrylic Garden ?

I am involved with a group of community artists that are presently painting and designing works on acrylic sheets to be placed in local gardens. 

Having never painted on this surface before, I decided to experiment with an 8x10 inch piece first. I am pretty happy how it turned out.

However I have some concerns about weather proofing. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that might help me ? I know the outdoors will eventually deteriorate the surface, but I would like it to last as long as possible. 


Expressing through Colour

I have been working on developing a series of paintings that express a mood or feeling using bright vivid colour. I am inspired by the work of Wolfgang Ritschel and Gabriele Munter . These are the first two in the series.

2015 -Goal....300 sketches....sometimes it's a complete surprise

I have decided that I am going to challenge myself to :

  • complete 300 sketches in my sketchbook in 2015
  • scan those sketches into my computer and using my creativity develop my composition digitally

Here is my first sketch. It is some of the rocks I saw along the ocean coast in California.

Sketch #1

Sketch #1

This is what I ended up with.

Winter Wasteland

Winter Wasteland

I think that the snowstorm blowing outside at the time influenced the outcome of this piece.

Sometimes when you keep your mind open to possibilities something totally unexpected can emerge. Love to hear your thoughts and comments on this process.


Winter is coming...are you ready?

Have you experienced the icy grip of winter yet this year ? We have been lucky so far. However I believe that is changing in the next few days. I am glad that i have an appointment on Monday to have my snow tires put on.

Here are three different versions of the first snowy day along the creek near our house  that I took last November. Which one do you prefer ?

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