Path to my House a Pen and ink  Illustration ©2015 J. Gazo-McKim Visual Artist

Path to my House a Pen and ink  Illustration ©2015 J. Gazo-McKim Visual Artist

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim Visual Artist

I am a visual artist who enjoys exploring vibrant colour, textures, contrast and light in a variety of media.

As a child, I got very excited when I received a large, brand new box of crayons for Christmas. I would take each crayon and see how the colour looked on a piece of paper. I loved doodling, drawing flowers, clowns and other designs from my imagination.

When I retired, I started taking courses in drawing and painting: first watercolour and then acrylics. Nature is my favourite theme. I am drawn to the works of Monet and Renoir. I try to interpret and understand the beauty that I see around me through my art.

Recently, I have been learning how to create art digitally. The one thing I really appreciate about it is that I can experiment with ideas using layers without committing myself to it until the end. I can come back at a later date and change something in my composition without having to start all over again. I tend to go back and forth between my digital and my hands on approach to creating.

I belong to a group called Brushworks that exhibits their art in the community. I volunteer at the Kingston School of Art, a non profit . I recently held my first solo show there.