J. Gazo-McKim


Jo-Anne is a visual artist with a passion for vibrant colour, texture, contrast and light using a variety of media. She discovered her love for these elements as a child when opening a new box of crayons was like opening the door to wonderful new world of imagination. Drawn to the work of Franz Marc, Wolfgang Ritschel, Gabrielle Munter and August Macke, Jo-Anne identifies with their use of colour, simple shapes and lines as refreshing and appealing. Later in life Jo-Anne ignited her artistic fire by taking courses in drawing and painting.  She unleashed her skills in watercolours and acrylics creating pieces exploding with wonderful colours and bold designs. Her favourite subject matter is the joy found in everyday moments.  Her apparent understanding and interpretation of the beauty of nature and moments shines through her art! Jo-Anne’s recent undertakings have lead her to explore the world of digital art. She appreciates that she can experiment with ideas using layers without committing to the finished piece until the end. These works are rich in all the elements that are truly close to Jo-Anne’s artistic heart. If you are looking for art that is alive and full of energy and colour, take a few moments to enjoy her work




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