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Could you draw a sketch a day ....?

I have been participating in the #inktober challenge for October. I have done a fair number of sketches but am a little behind for the month. It is really hard to do a sketch a day. With me, it is not drawing  but deciding what I want to draw. 

How many of you have tried a daily drawing or painting challenge ? What positive things came out of it or is it just the doing that is important ? I'd love to hear you thoughts in the comments section below.

Here is my sketch from yesterday. It is the gallery where I exhibit and sell my artwork. -Martello Alley. It is an unusual and very creative space. Visit their Facebook book page to see photos of what I mean : https://www.facebook.com/MartelloAlley

Martello Alley 01 Pen and Ink by J. Gazo-McKim ©2015

Martello Alley 01 Pen and Ink by J. Gazo-McKim ©2015

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