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New Life New Hope

My grandfather J. Gazo in Windsor looking at the Detroit skyline about  1930s

I grew up in Windsor ON right across from Detroit Michigan in the 1950's and 60's. Downtown Detroit was a short bus ride through the tunnel to a vibrant city. The lunch counter at Woolworth's was a must as well as the Christmas decorations in the huge J. L Hudson store. As a child my eyes would light up when looking at the newest Christmas theme in the store. Detroit had a thriving arts community, with access to theatre, and symphony. As a teenager most of the music I listened to was Motown from the Detroit stations on my little transistor radio.

This morning I came across this video about Detroit and the new energy and community young people are bringing to the downtown core. It is an exciting and hopeful look at how community is being built by the people who live there. The architecture in some of the video is beautiful.

Click on the link below and see if you find it as inspiring as I did.

30 minute video on how creative thinking and hard work are building community Detroit Lives

A Weave of Flowers