My art appeals to those who are passionate about rich bold colour.  If you are drawn to the feelings of joy, energy and beauty,  take a moment to explore my work.


Free Print of my Art

In March, I am holding a month long art show and sale 'Connection of Texture and Colour' . I see the world around me in vivid colour and texture and carry that over into my digital and analog art work. There's something about the energy, yet strangely enough also calmness that appears in my work that I find satisfying. Come join me for my opening reception on Thursday, March 1, 7-9 pm at the Kingston School of Art 647 Princess St. Kingston Ontario. I am exhibiting in the small, intimate, front gallery on Princess St. You'll have an opportunity to not only see my art and ask me questions, but also be able to enter a draw for a free print of my work. In the next few days, I will be sharing on my blog portions of 2 of my new paintings.

A Sneak Peek