My art appeals to those who are passionate about rich bold colour.  If you are drawn to the feelings of joy, energy and beauty,  take a moment to explore my work.


Spring Has Sprung Hopefully !


My husband has been going into our garden and cutting the daffodils so we can admire them in the house. It has been damp and cool, so we haven't been outside soaking in the warm rays of the sun. I got two new lens for my camera and I have been working on figuring out what the range for each is. I was experimenting with the lens at a short distance when I took these two shots. I really like the reflections in the window ! It makes you feel that the garden continues right on into the background.Illuminating the Light  Photography ©2012 J. Gazo-McKimFloral Reflections Photography ©2012 J. Gazo-McKim

Does this catch your eye ?

Leafin an Imprint