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Frustrated withYour Art ?

Looking Back

The other day I was looking at the pieces of art that I had not completed the last year. No matter how hard I worked on them, they were either uninteresting or just not working out. I was getting really frustrated. Then I realized that  in nearly all the cases it was my composition, in particular my design that was the problem. 

So I decided to look at my reference photos from a design perspective, rather than "Gee, I really like this shot. I bet it would make a great painting"

Here is the photo that I will be looking at critically from a design view. 


What I Like about this:

  • I love the textures, shapes and colours in the foreground rocks.
  • The ocean
  • Trees in the background

What I don't Like:

  • Too many rocks in the water
  • The mid-ground hills are too symmetrical
  • There is some depth from back to front but not enough
  • The shape of the water is too symmetrical and harsh.

So what am I going to do ? What would you do ? Stayed tuned to the next post to find out. If you see anything that you would like to add to the 2 sections above feel free to add your comments. 

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