My art appeals to those who are passionate about rich bold colour.  If you are drawn to the feelings of joy, energy and beauty,  take a moment to explore my work.


Run Daddy Run.

Run Daddy Run by J. Gazo-McKim ©2013

Run Daddy Run by J. Gazo-McKim ©2013

The original photo of my son and granddaughter was taken along the seashore in Japan. I loved the outlines of their bodies and the forward motion of their somewhat synchronized bodies.  

How I Arrived at this Image

  • In Illustrator I converted my image into a silhouette to better show the main shapes
  • In Photoshop, I cropped the image so that it became a portrait view rather than landscape
  • I added a gradient and then used filters to add more texture.  

An artist friend of mine Sharon Cummings commented that this would make a great Father's Day gift. I know I have a great emotional attachment to it.  

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