My art appeals to those who are passionate about rich bold colour.  If you are drawn to the feelings of joy, energy and beauty,  take a moment to explore my work.


Imagine your perfect place to relax

If you could go anywhere to enjoy perfect relaxation, where would you go ? 

  • a tropical beach
  • a mountain view
  • a cottage in the woods 
  • outer space ?

A dear friend of ours asked both my hubby and I to paint a scene that she found colourful, yet really relaxing. Her daughter was getting married and with all the company coming for the wedding, she wanted this painting to decorate a major space on her living room wall. 

Here is what we came up with together; a 30x40 inch acrylic painting of a gorgeous sunset at the lake.

She's told us that she spends many a time just sitting on her comfy couch and enjoying the scene on the wall before her.

Sit back in your comfy chair and drink in the colours and tranquility from this sunset scene. 

Sunset from the Cottage by JMGMart ©2014

Sunset from the Cottage by JMGMart ©2014

Tangled up in colour

Home Again

Home Again