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Autumn a la Matisse

When you hear the name Henri Matisse, what do you think of:

  • Impressionism ? - probably
  • Collage ? - ahh not really 

You would probably be familiar with his paintings but not necessarily be aware of his 'Cut Outs' or abstract collages.

For about the last twenty years of his life, Matisse went back to his roots and created vast collage and installation work. 

The Tate Modern had an exhibition of these 'Cut Outs' which closed earlier this month.

The video below narrated by Jacky Klein an art historian, examines Matisse's work from this period. Take a few minutes to enjoy this really well done presentation.


Here is my tip of the hat to his style entitled 'Autumn Abstract a la Matisse'. Click on the image to find out how I created this. Look under the heading 'Description'

Perhaps this will inspire you to design one of your own. 

Autumn Abstract a la Matisse by J. Gazo-Mckim ©2014

Autumn Abstract a la Matisse by J. Gazo-Mckim ©2014

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