My art appeals to those who are passionate about rich bold colour.  If you are drawn to the feelings of joy, energy and beauty,  take a moment to explore my work.


2015 -Goal....300 sketches....sometimes it's a complete surprise

I have decided that I am going to challenge myself to :

  • complete 300 sketches in my sketchbook in 2015
  • scan those sketches into my computer and using my creativity develop my composition digitally

Here is my first sketch. It is some of the rocks I saw along the ocean coast in California.

Sketch #1

Sketch #1

This is what I ended up with.

Winter Wasteland

Winter Wasteland

I think that the snowstorm blowing outside at the time influenced the outcome of this piece.

Sometimes when you keep your mind open to possibilities something totally unexpected can emerge. Love to hear your thoughts and comments on this process.


Expressing through Colour

Winter is coming...are you ready?